In what languages are Intrasis available? Which file formats can I use? Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to Intrasis. You can also submit a new question by sending an email to If the question is of general interest it will be published anonymous below.

Issue with Object import (table) concerning date format corrected (revision 6430)
Intrasis uses the computers Region format to read and re-read dates (2021-07-13). The Patch can be downloaded from Intrasis Patch | Intrasis.

Issue with Object import (table) concerning date format (revision 6428)
For the time beeing Intrasis can only import and read Swedish dates. The computer’s Region format has to be set to Swedish dates and hours (2021-07-08).

Which version of ArcGIS can I use with the current version of Intrasis?
For Intrasis 3.2 and Intrasis 3D you can use ArcGIS 10.3, 10.7 or 10.8

Which version of  PosgreSQL can I use with the current version of Intrasis?
For Intrasis 3.2 and Intrasis 3D you can use PostgreSQL 9.2, 9.6 or 11,2

Updating to a newer version of  PosgreSQL
PostgreSQL is not backwards compatible. This means that a database created/used in e.g. PostgreSQL 11.2 is not possible to restore to PostgreSQL 9.6. Before using a newer version, you have to backup all your databases in Intrasis. An alternative is to use DbTools for database backup job. Then do the following steps:

1. Uninstall current version PostgreSQL and Intrasis. Make sure that you also delete all PostgreSQL files. The uninstall will give you information about remaining files.
2. Install a newer version
3. Restore your databases

I have downloaded and unzipped the Help File but it seems to be empty?
Your computer may be blocking the file. Right-click on the file Intrasis.chm and go to Properties and make sure to unblock it and thereby allow your computer to run it.

Intrasis stops working after a click on the text tab in Object Browser (2018-01-18)
This is due to Windows update January 9, 2018, .NET Security and Quality Rollup (KB4055002). It applies to computers with Windows 7, SP 1. Please contact Intrasis Helpdesk and we will provide you with a fix.

Import or export of Excel file format doesn’t work (2017-10-17)
This problem is due to Windows updates of October 2017 (KB4041681, KB4041676).
At import you will get the error message ”Unable to extract tabular data from file” and at export the requested files will not be created. Work-around, until problems solved, is to use the file format .txt instead. At import: save the Excel document as tab separated textfile .txt. At export: Export to .txt. If you would like to have the file in Excel format – open Excel and browse for the . txt file and follow the instructions.

On which operating systems does Intrasis run?
Intrasis runs on Windows OS and you can run it on Windows 7 or Windows 10.

In which languages are Intrasis 3 available?
At the moment it is only available in English. But it is designed so other languages can be added in the future. Please note that your input of data is metadata driven, and thereby you can use any language.

What is metadata in Intrasis?
Metadata is the information about the stored data. It sets the properties of e.g. names of classes, attributes and alternatives and how they behave in the system. All these settings are done in Database Administrator and we will provide you with a basic template in English or Swedish.

Do I need to convert an Intrasis 2 database to Intrasis 3?
Yes, since the database management system is changed from MSSQL to PostgreSQL it is necessary to convert databases from Intrasis 2. You find the Database Conversion Wizard in the installation package. At conversion you need to have access to both database management systems. The conversion will create a copy of the database as well as the files in Intrasis project folder. Errors during conversion are written to a log.

Is it possible to convert an Intrasis 3 database to Intrasis Explorer 2.2?
No. Intrasis is not backward compatible.

Which file formats can I use when importing geographical information to an Intrasis database?
ISD (Trimble, stylesheet available from download), GSI (Leica) and Esri shape data set. An Intrasis XYZ – format is also available. More information about file formats is found in our Helpfile.

How do I prepare metadata to store images (documents) for a class? Documents are often best handled as a relation since the tendency is that each object often is represented by several images. But here is how to do it:

  1. Create a new attribute with datatype Document.
  2. Connect the system attributes listed below to the class:
  • FileName (Automatically stores the file name of the document when imported)    (MetaId 148)
  • Path (Automatically stores the path to the document when imported)                      (MetaId 9900)
  • Thumbnail (Your imported document will show as Thumbnail in Document tab) (MetaId 10877)