Document, visualize, interpret and analyse information. Intrasis is one of the industry’s most powerful tools for creating  and mapping information in a GIS environment. It is designed for archaeology but can because of the dynamic design be used whenever there is a need to store and combine information from different sources. Intrasis is a combination of a complex database and geographical tool where you can register and relate different types of geographical and object information.

Intrasis will answer to most of the needs you have for documentation and is a perfect tool to store object information, geographical data and documents. It’s a unique way of handling relations between objects that will provide you with quick answers to questions like “show all related information”.

You will also have a unique database for each project and can thereby change the information to be stored to fit specific needs. Intrasis is outstanding when it comes to storing interdisciplinary data – when different data sets need to be combined.

It is a multi-user system and data is stored in PostgreSQL. You also need an ArcGIS license with minimum licensing to ArcGIS engine runtime (included in ArcGIS desktop).

Intrasis is owned by The Archaeologists, National Historical Museums, Sweden.