Changes included in Intrasis 3.2 build 6431

Support for 3D
Read more about Intrasis 3D here.

Edit View
Any edits of GeoObjects are saved automatically, no more Save-button. You can directly open an Object Browser for attribute editing.  A new tool is added, ”Set new height value”, that enables you to change the height values of all, or selected, GeoObjects in Edit View.

Intrasis 3.2 and Intrasis 3D is compatible with ArcGIS 10.3, 10.7 and 10.8 and PostgreSQL 9.2, 9.6 or 11.2

New attribute type: Path
Opens an internet-link in your default browser or a folder on your computer or network in Windows Explorer.

Background layer
You can Add Background Layer from Database View to GIS View.

Intrasis tables
You can Rename Intrasis tables in GIS View.

Intrasis supports Geopackage as Layer/Tables in GIS View/Background Layer.

You can Multi-edit Root Attribute Name.

More Options on context menu from results in Find.

Bug fixes
We have also fixed some bugs and errors.

Changes included in Intrasis 3.1.2

Tablet mode for Edit View
This will make the use of GPS connected to a tablet easier. You can directly create your GeoObjects in Intrasis without using import files. It will be as easy as digitizing! Open Edit view and click on button Tablet Mode to access it.

Get survey codes
From the menu Tools you now have the option to create an excel-sheet with all survey codes for the current project.

Create grid and square
In Edit view there is a new tool that automatically creates objects of GeoObject type Square. Select it from the toolbar, draw a rectangle for the area to creates squares within, and they will be created of selected class and size. You also have the option to rotate them before saving.

Delete several objects
Select the objects to delete in a Database View table and right-click. Here you will find the new option Delete selected objects.

Changes in Database Administrator
The following new possibilities for metadata settings are available: Attribute order for Long Text Attributes, sorting of Alternatives and Subclass information order in Object Browser. The latter you will find in the properties for the database, at the top of the Metadata Tree.

New settings in options
Now it is possible to select a default font and text size to be used in Text tab.

Add mandatory survey fields for shape
This adds the mandatory fields to a shape data set. Edit the values in Edit View with GIS attribute editor, or type in the values. You find the button to add the fields in Layer Properties, tab Fields.

A new feature is added where you can select from different Legend styles. You find it in Legend properties. More functionality is also added for graphical objects in layout.

Import wizard
New warning for several GeoObjects is added and information about reprojection is shown in a dialog instead of a warning for all objects. The Wizard will also have a better understanding of common coding errors in survey files.

We have also added
Better naming of selection folder layers
Possibility to import attribute values for object 0
Malfunctions for query tool fixed
Possibility to add Long text attribute value for related object in layer/table properties.
Long text possible to enter in Create Object
Zoom to object from an Object in Database Tree
Fields connection suggested at Object import
Tooltip is shown for attributes
Bug fixes