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What is Intrasis?
Intrasis is a GIS designed to handle and structure geographical data, attribute data and document data. It is a tool for any company or organization with the need to enter such information from several users working within the same project. The metadata is especially designed for archaeological documentation and field data. The software is flexible and user friendly.

By using Intrasis all data related to one project or site becomes easy accessible and possible to combine. This increases the possibilities of interdisciplinary research when data from for example osteology or paleo-ecology can be combined with the archaeological information.

The system is designed and owned by The Archaeologists at the National Historical Museums and the software licenses can be purchased from us.

Since April 2000 Intrasis has been used at all archaeological excavations made by us and is today used by almost all major archaeological institutions in Sweden. It is also used in e.g. Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Great Britain. Intrasis 3 has been in use at Contract Archaeology Service since April 2013.


Intrasis 3.1.1
An upgrade of Intrasis is now available. This time we have made some major changes that increases the performance for large databases. Known bugs in Edit View, Summation Wizard and Child Relation Wizard have been fixed. In the Import Wizard a problem with negative coordinates in GSI (Leica) format as well as a bug that occurred due to coding errors has been corrected. Flash in Map/Select from the Relation tab now works properly. This version is compatible with ArcGIS 10.1, 10.2 and 10.3. Go to our download section for download of the latest version of Intrasis.

Intrasis 3 training
We can offer the following training courses in Intrasis 3:

  • User basic, 2 days, 15–16 March

  • Administrator, 1 day, 17 March

  • Advanced training, 1 day, 18 March

The courses will be held in Swedish. One day courses are recommended only for users with earlier experience in Intrasis. All training will be given at our office in Lund.

The courses could also be held (in Swedish or English) any date at your office. We can also arrange customized training or workshops.

Please contact us
for further information, prices or if you would like to register for any of the courses.

Updates and software
You will find more information in our download section.

Intrasis Explorer 2.x and Intrasis Analysis 1.x
These software are still available and we will continue to support them, although they will no longer be upgraded. You find information about them by pressing the button Intrasis 2 above.