Here you can download Intrasis including PostgreSQL and ArcGIS Engine 10.3. You can select between PostgreSQL 9.2 or PostgreSQL 9.6. Please note! If you install PostgreSQL 9.6, databases will not be backward compatible, and you will thereby not be able to restore databases to an older version (9.2). To be able to run Intrasis 3, ArcGIS Engine (or a full version of ArcMap) version 10.3 or higher, must be installed and licensed on the same computer.

Installation of Intrasis

  • Unzip the downloaded file on your computer
  • Start the installation for PostgreSQL 9.2 with Intrasis_Installer.exe or for PostgreSQL 9.6 with Intrasis_Installer_3.1.2.5950_[ESRI_10.3].exe.
  • Select which parts of Intrasis you would like to install, like PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Intrasis and Intrasis DB Administrator / DB Converter. If you already have ArcGIS installed, you should not select the option ArcGIS Engine runtime during installation.
  • After installation you need to patch Intrasis to upgrade to the latest version. (Not applicable for the combination PostgreSQL 9.6/ArcGIS 10.3.1 which will have the latest version after installation).

To be able to use the program you need an Intrasis license. We can provide you with a free test license, valid for 1 month. The test license is a full licensen, without limitations. Licenses can be ordered from