You download the installation package from the button below. If you already have ArcGIS components installed, make sure to select the correct version when you start the installation from e.g. Intrasis_Installer_3.2.0.6431_[ESRI_10.8].exe, where the text in bracket determine your installed ArcGIS version.

Please note that PostgreSQL is not backwards compatible, so you can’t restore a backup to a server with a lower version. For more information about upgrading PostgreSQL, see FAQ.

Installation of Intrasis

  • Uninstall your current version of Intrasis, if any. If you would like to upgrade to a later version of PostgreSQL or ArcGIS, uninstall those as well.
  • Unzip the downloaded file on your computer
  • Start the installation Intrasis_Installer_3.2.0.6431_[ESRI_10.8].exe. Installation suggests which components to install. Default installation for a new PostgreSQL is version 11.2. Make sure to select any other version if you need it to be compatible with other not upgraded installations.
  • Select which parts of Intrasis you would like to install, Intrasis and Intrasis DB Administrator / DB Converter.

To be able to use the program you need an Intrasis license. We can provide you with a free test license, valid for 1 month. The test license is a full license, without limitations. Licenses can be ordered from